Svindelic Cyr Wheel Troupe is a performance group specializing in the art of the roue cyr.

The apparatus is but a mere circle, yet it is the simplicity of the shape that adds to its allure. "What are they gonna do with that great big hoop?" We're gonna make you gasp and smile and wonder how it's all even possible. It's as if Vitruvian Man has come to life, and is simultaneously evincing Leonardo's artistry, science and imagination.

We perform individually and as a group, and are available to put on a mesmerizing show for your special event. Contact us for more info.

We are proud to perform at/for the following:

CBS Morning Show
Queen of the Night
Nutcracker Rouge
Sette Mondi / Seven Worlds
Poseidon's Children
The Lost Circus
Tip of the Tongue
BEAT Festival
Hoop Convergence Performance Showcase
Dreamland Roller Disco
Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show
Vital Vox Festival
Ideal Valley
Loom Ensemble Spring Concert
Asian American Arts Alliance Town Hall

The Palace Theater
The Queens Theatre
The Diamond Horseshoe
World Financial Center Winter Garden Atrium
The Minetta Lane Theater
The Irondale Center
Dixon Place
The LeFrak Center
The Brick Theater
Webster Hall
Immersive Gallery
House of Yes
Ideal Glass Gallery
Randall's Island

Bloomberg LP
Ringling Brothers
Big Apple Circus
Incanto Productions
Bongar Biz
Bindlestiff Family Cirkus
American Youth Circus Organization
Gemini & Scorpio

Our members have performed internationally and their talents range widely from circus to dance, acrobatics to music, spectacles all.

Below are a few selections from our repertoire.

Down the Rabbit Hole - a Matrix-themed duet

Black Light Ball - a visual spectacle for any number of spinners

A Tale of Two Rings - a wedding duet

Halftime Hoops - a basketball halftime show

The Bone Brothers - a comedic duet

The Chefs - Cyr wheel goes slapstick

* Courtney Giannone appears in collaboration as a member of Team Spinnovaton.